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People Doing Things

Feb 3, 2022

Welcome Ivo. He co-runs Sapling Spirits, a Climate Positive British Spirits company selling vodka and gin to some of the world's best restaurants, retailers and countryside connoisseurs. 
Each bottle plants a tree; on a mission to plant 1 million by 2027, using their clean, creamy, and smooth cocktails to persuade people into toasting for the planet. You can even track your own tree using their neat tree-tracker. So far so good. To date.,they've planted over 50,000 trees, with 75,000 on the horizon for this year. 
But it's not only the soil who are happy customers. Sapling Spirits can now be found in foodie favourites such as Fat Duck, Spring, The Pig, Tyme as well as retailers such as Daylseford, Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges, John Lewis and Ocado. They even host a yearly festival where they invite all their trade partners to the distillery in the Cotswolds for a weekend of music, cocktail classes and tree planting. 
In our world of greenwashing and marketing ploys, multinational beverage companies and corporate giants, it's nice to see a small brand making such a big impact. Sustainability is rooted in everything they do and they have the numbers to prove it. They're also encouraging consumers and retailers alike to stock more ethically made products.
However, is climate positivity enough of a calling card to sustain long term growth? Will tomorrow's boozers really switch up their Smiroff's for a Sapling? Is this a passion project or the future of spirits? 
In this episode we talk about Ivo's vision for the future of the spirits industry, turning a passion project into a thriving business and how they are making sustainability more accessible for both consumers and trade partners.